Learning how to smile again…

Posted on 30th October 2021

That is what many of our patients say following their treatment to have a full arch of replacement teeth supported on dental implants.

For years these patients have sufferred with multiple failing teeth and a loss of confidence in their smile. This was exactly the case for the patient whose smile we completed this week. It is not just the confidence that is affected, the functional aspects of teeth are also affected. This patient had not smiles for multiple years and had almost given up hope in ever regaining a smile. We provided her with treatment to replace all of her failing teeth with dental implant supported teeth. One of the biggest fears for the patient was the prospect of having to wear a removable denture. For this reason we provided all of her treatment in one session to ensure she would not be without fixed teeth at any stage of her treatment. This meant that the patient regained confidence in her smile within a single day! That is a remarkable feeling for anyone and certainly for this patient it was an immensely life changing day.

The final smile is often provided after approximately 6 months. During these 6 months the patient has her first set of fixed implant teeth and we use this time to allow the gums to fully settle folloiwng the initial procedure. We also use this time to design the customised final smile to be as unique and personalised as possible for each patient. The final smile enhances the patient’s ability to eat, speak and smile with even more confidence.

The patient has stated that she is still ‘learning’ how to smile again. At least she has all the tools to smile however she wants!…truly life changing!

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel

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