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Posted on 16th July 2022

We have recently completed the treatment for a patient who was affected by periodontal disease resulting in her having to lose all of her teeth. Multiple teeth were already missing and the remaining teeth were affected by severe bone loss and gum recession. This is a very common cause for tooth loss and periodontal disease does affect approximately 60% of the adult population.

We provided our patient with the same day approach which meant following the removal of her teeth, she was left with temporary teeth that were still fixed in place. This enabled her to continue to maintain her lifestyle which is very improtant for so many of the patients we treat. One of the biggest obstacles to patients pursuing advanced dental treatment such as this is the prospect of being without teeth. We are very proud to eliminate that problem for our patients by providing the same day smiles approach.

Another major obstacle to treatment is the longevity and anxiety associated with the main procedure of same day teeth. Our patient was sedated to ensure she was as relaxed as possible throughout the whole treatment procedure.

As with all of our treatments, the smile is customised with careful input from the patient during the course of the treatment. Multiple prototype trial smiles are fitted in the mouth before the patient commits to her final smile design. The final smile was exactly what our patient wanted and she was delgihted to be able to eat, speak and smile with total confidence. It is truly mesmerising to see the difference it made to our patient when I saw her a few weeks following her treatment completion. She looked more confident in her smile and she was enjoying eating and living life to the full. It really makes us all very proud at Infinity Dental Clinic to have such a positive impact on our patient’s lives.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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