Long lasting smiles – gums and implants

Posted on 21st October 2023

Dental Implants are a great way to replace missing or failing teeth. However, the longevity of these treatments is heavily determined by the foundations into which the dental implants are placed.

I have written many times about the importance of the bone and gums. The role this plays in long lasting dental treatment is understated. Dental implants are only going to last if the bone and gums which support them are strong enough to last.

Their is a problem – most adults end up losing their teeth because of periodontal disease – poor gums and poor bone health in the mouth.

So if we are replacing these teeth with dental implants then what are we doing to strengthen these patient’s bones and gums?

At Infinity Dental Clinic, this forms the core of all of our treatment plans for our patients. We provide treatment to strengthen the bones and gums by providing bone grafts and connective tissue (gum) grafts alongside our dental implant care. This enables us to place the implants into strong foundations that are more likely to last the test of time.

By improving the bone and gum volume, we can also recreate natural gum contours around our patient’s replacement teeth. This means they can live with a smile that looks and feels like their own natural teeth.

Having such a close union between the patient’s own gums and the replacement teeth also means that oral hygiene is kept easy. These teeth are cleaned in exactly the same way as real teeth would be therefore, our patients are able to maintain these restorations more easily.

Our team is dedicated to providing long lasting treatment with dental implants. Our consideration to improve gums and bones during all of our treatments means that we can lower patient’s risks of further developing gum disease in the future.

These pictures show yet another case we fitted this week and you can see how each gum contour has been carefully recreated using gum sculpting and gum grafting. The thickness of the gums also means we have lowered the risk of future gum disease compared to the pre-treatment condition of the patient.

The pictures also demonstrate that this patient had heavily worn down his front teeth. This meant we had very little vertical space to replace them as seen in these images. We carefully lifted his gum line to provide a less traumatic occlusal relationship, better tooth dimensions and a more longer lasting smile.

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