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Posted on 6th August 2022

One of the areas in which we didicate a lot of our expertise and time on is gum shaping. When replacing missing teeth it is often very difficult to replicate the natural gum contours around the replacement tooth.

Why restore natural gum shapes?

There are many benefits with replacing the natural gum contours when replacing missing teeth:

  • Conform to the patient’s natural aesthetic appearance.
  • A better union between gum and prosthetic tooth means there will be less food collecting around that replacement tooth. This means better hygiene and better long term health of the surrounding gum tissue.
  • Natural gum contours will often mean eliminating unsightly ‘black triangles’ or spaces between teeth.
  • Studies show that natural gum contours are often the most important feature in making replacement teeth look natural.

I have written many blogs over the years on gum shaping in implant dentistry. How we do this during the implant treatment journey is demonstarted in my blog by clicking this link.

Gum shaping dental implants

In this example that we completed this week, we have carefully scalloped the gum to produce these lovely natural gum contours. We were replacing 5 teeth using 3 dental implants and an implant retained bridge. By sculpting the gums, we can make each tooth look and feel individual, even though they may be ‘connected’ to each other. This is what truly gives the appearance of natural individual teeth.

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