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Posted on 11th May 2019

We see many patients who want whiter teeth. For these patients we provide a combination of stain removal and professional teeth whitening to enhance the shade of all of their teeth.

However, many of our patients are also keen to maintain the current appearance of all of their teeth. This is an important consideration when we are planning treatment to replace a failing or missing tooth with a dental implant.

When we provide treatment to replace or repair a tooth, the most challenging factor is to ensure the ‘new’ tooth matches the appearance of the adjacent teeth in as much detail as possible.

A dental implant is the ‘product’ that is used to replace a missing tooth. It is one of a range of options and every clinician would agree that it is the best option in most clinical situations. However, providing a dental implant restoration that mimics the patient’s natural teeth is a ‘service’ that requires technical skills from both the surgeon and the dental technician. Achieving natural gum contours around the dental implant tooth is a challenging process however, when this is performed successfully it has a dramatic effect on the final aesthetics of the tooth. Gum contours enable teeth to look the same shape and height – this is important when aiming to achieve a symmetrical smile.

Once the gum contours have been achieved the technicians can produce a ceramic restoration that mimics the adjacent teeth. With the aid of digital scanning and photography, our technicians at Stephen Green’s Dental Studio are able to produce remarkable restorations that blend into the patient’s mouth perfectly.

A dental bridge to replace the UL1 – compromised aesthetics
Preparing gum contours in the missing UL1 tooth space
Dental implant to replace the UL1 – improved aesthetics








This process of matching teeth to the patient’s own smile is one that we take a huge amount of pride in at our clinic. We feel that the most optimum treatment should restore the patient back to their most favourable situation. You can read more about how we provide the treatment to produce these life-like restorations by clicking here. 

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Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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