At Infinity Dental Clinic we provide the full range of dental care. Our dentists and the wider team are able to provide advanced dental care to the highest standards. Many patients usually require a multi-displinary approach to their dental treatment because most patients have a raneg of dental requirements in their mouth. For example, a patient may require replacement teeth as well as root canal treatment on a tooth that is still restorable. In this case they would be best seeing a dentist who is an expert in the field of dental implants whilst also seeing a dentist who is well experienced in providing root canal procedures. This is the approach we take with all of our patient’s dental treatments to ensure that they are always provided with the optimum approach to each specific part of their treatment plan.

It takes teamwork to provide a high standard of dental care in every department and I am very proud to be part of a team that is able to work so well together by always putting out patient’s best interests first!

These are examples of cases treated at infinity Dental Clinic using a team approach to provide a range of dental procedures to achieve the best outcomes for our patients…

The missing molar was replaced with a dental implant and the old amalgam filling was significantly improved with a carefully recontoured composite restoration.
A dental implant to replace the UL2 infected failing tooth. The other teeth were all saved and carefully restored using advanced restorative dentistry to maximise the health and appearance of all of the remaining dentition.
A dental implant to replace the missing lower right 6 molar whilst also undergoing orthodontic treatment using Invisalign to straighten her smile.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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