Natural replacement teeth

Posted on 17th October 2021

When faced with the prospect of having to replace a missing tooth or teeth, most patients are concerned about how natural such a replacement tooth may look in the mouth. Will this tooth change their smile and appearance? Will this new tooth negatively affect their ability to eat and speak?

Dental implants form the perfect foundations to replace missing teeth. The implant forms the supporting founcation of the supra-gingival crown. As discussed in my previous blog, the gum contouring around the circumference of the dental implant will influence how natural the crown will look. In the previous blog I explain how great care is taken to meticulously plan and shape the gums to provide the most customised and natural replacement teeth for our patients.

Following this, our laboratory team are able to design a tooth that mimics the adjacent teeth as perfectly as possible. Every fine detail is copied, including shade, shape, contours and reflective properties. Every stage of implant treatment must be carefully planned and executed to provide these natural outcomes. A replacement tooth can only really be called a ‘tooth’ if it looks, feels and functions in a similar way to a real tooth. Although we can’t provide a real tooth replacement, we can certainly do our best to provide the next best thing!

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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