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Posted on 26th July 2016

Missing teeth – dental implants

Missing teeth can create functional and aesthetic problems. While it may be possible to get away with a single missing tooth at the back of your mouth, several missing teeth and teeth at the front can cause considerable concern for you. I have found this to be the major reason why patients may ‘put off’ having a tooth removed. Unfortunately, by holding on to a tooth in poor condition you will end up with a more severe problem later on.

I find that once my patients are aware of the effectiveness of dental implants, they are reassured that losing a tooth is not the start of a lifetime of problems.

Why dental implants?

The alternative solution is a bridge or a denture.

A bridge will usually involve ‘damaging’ neighboring teeth to enable the artificial tooth to be cemented in place. A bridge also has the risk of fracturing neighboring teeth.

A denture is a removable appliance made out of acrylic teeth. Although aesthetically these can be good, functionally they are usually ineffective at restoring your chewing ability.

A dental implant is supported by it’s own independant ‘root’. The titanium screw acts like a root and provides the replacement tooth with as much support as a natural tooth would have. This enables full restoration of both your functional and aesthetic capabilities.

A dental implant can be life changing

dental implant before

A young girl attended my clinic following an incident at a hockey game. She fractured her front incisor tooth and this tooth had to be removed. She was extremely concerned with the prospect of having to wear a denture or bridge at the front of her mouth. After careful planning and treatment, I placed a dental implant and EMAX crown to perfectly replicate her natural teeth. The results were perfectly natural and the young girl said this was life changing. She could now smile with confidence.

dental implant after

This is why I do my job. I love creating natural smiles. We all require job satisfaction, this is how I get mine.

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