Obsession with organisation and attention to detail

Posted on 27th July 2019

We pride ourselves in the work that we do for our patients. We aim to provide our patients with intricate levels of dental care and this requires a high regard for attention to detail. We know that if something is not absolutely perfect from the start then it will never be perfect. For this reason, we dedicate a lot of our time at the practice in ensuring that these high standards can be met for all of our patients.

Ceramic crown with precision milling, Infinity Dental Clinic Leeds

When we designed our dental practice, one of the things that I felt was crucial was to ensure that all of our systems were wired in a logical way with a central server or hub. This meant that we had to re-wire everything so that a central server can easily communicate with all of our systems. Like many things regarding our dental practice design, this was not essential. No patients will ever see the wiring and no one will ever know about it unless I show them or tell them about it. However, organising all of the wiring in this manner will ensure that our systems are able to run as efficiently as possible and updating our systems will be a flawless task in the future. In the ever improving world of digital dentistry, upgrades are constantly required and the way in which we have installed our new systems will enable this to happen continuously.

The practice will be completed on August 31st and we have made important design decisions along the way to ensure that our dental practice portrays the same high standards that we aim for with our dental care.

Start as you mean to go on…..

Mohsin Patel

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