Overcoming the hurdle

Posted on 15th May 2022

For many patients attending our clinic for the first time, making that first visit is the most challenging part of their treatment journey.

Many patients tell me that they have been ‘putting it off’ for many years. It may be due to a previous bad experience at the dentist or a feeling of being ‘beyond repair’. I often find that patients with advanced dental problems have a lack of confidence in the prospect of being helped by dental care. Very often they feel as if they cannot be helped at all.

At Infinity Dental Clinic we do everything possible to support every single patient who attends our clinic. I recently completed the treatment for a patient who has avoided dental care for over 10 years because of her lack of self confidence in her teeth. Advanced periodontal disease had caused multiple tooth loss and mobile teeth. She couldn’t eat or smile with any confidence.

When she finally made the first step to attend we were able to provide her with a range of options to restore her dental health and smile. I could sense she was still apprehensive, as she had been for many years. We showed her multiple examples of patients whom we have treated in similar situations to her. It took her a few more months to finally commit to having the treatment to replace all of her missing and failing teeth.

The final dental implant supported restorations enabled her to eat, speak and smile with total confidence and she confessed that she had wished she had this treatment sooner. It has made a big impact on her life and we are all delighted for her. She no longer attends the dentist with a sense of anxiety, instead, she can look forward to having routine dental care every 6 months and enjoy a better quality of life with her teeth.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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