Precision Dental Implant treatment requires teamwork

Posted on 5th May 2018

I have written many blogs on how some of our treatments to replace missing teeth have changed so many of our patient’s lives. I take great pleasure in being able to provide high end dental care to our patients which truly transforms their lives.

The treatments that I write about are all very advanced and require meticulous planning and skill to perform at the high standards that we aim for. This is only possible by having a skilled and knowledgeable team, without which I do not believe these standards could be achieved consistently.

Dental Implant Surgery

Our treatments are all planned carefully using CBCT scanning and Digital Scanning. This information is used to plan the most suitable treatment for our patients. We have an expert team of Dentists who contribute to the planning of these treatments during our team clinical meetings. We feel this is important to ensure that all options and potentially different views are considered in order to provide the best options to our patients.

As you may know from reading my previous blogs (click here to read the latest blog on the step by step protocol of implant treatment), the first clinical stage normally involves the placement of the dental implant titanium ‘screw’ into the jaw bone. This must be carefully performed with the future teeth in mind to ensure the implants are placed in the correct place.

When placing multiple implants at the same time, it is crucial that the implants are placed parallel to each other where possible as this will aid the future restoration of these implants. All of our implants are placed safely and the information gathered from the CBCT scan and Digital Scan allows us to perform this treatment in the safest way possible.

To perform this surgery requires high-end surgical skill and also team work between the surgical assistant staff and the lead surgeon. In many cases, 2 hands are not enough to be able to place these implants in such precise locations in the jaw. Our nursing staff are highly skilled in providing this invaluable aid during our implant treatment which allows us to consistently produce these precise results.

Dental Implant

The patient pictured above has had 4 dental implants to replace all of his upper missing teeth. The transformation is remarkable in these cases. Our skilled team make these treatments possible at the highest standards and this is what makes working at our clinic so satisfying.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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