Replacing missing teeth whilst restoring natural gum health and aesthetics

Posted on 20th March 2022

When a tooth requires replacement, the ideal replacement is usually with a dental implant. Simply replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant is often not enough. When teeth are removed the gum and bone volume around that area of the mouth will usually recede. It is important that this is restored back to it’s ‘normal’ healthy state otherwise the appearance and long term health of the dental implant will be signifiacntly compromised.

For those who read my blog regularly, you will note that we, at Infinity Dental Clinic, dedicate a lot of our clinical work in the field of restoring natural gum and bone volume. The long term success of our dental implants is the most important factor in everything that we do. Not only do these replacement teeth look natural, but they are also more likely to last longer when the missing gum and bone volume is restored at the same time.

Keratinised tissue is a type of gum tissue that is found around the gingival margins of healthy teeth. When tooth loss occurs, or when gum disease (periodontal disease) occurs, the volume of keratinised tissue if signifacitly reduced. Sometimes this type of tissue is completely missing. Without keratinised tissue there is no biological natural barrier to gum recession therefore, gum recession will almost certainly occur. Such an occurance would result in the failure of the dental implant. During our implant surgeries we replenish any missing keratinised tissue with a graft procedure that is made very simple for our patients because it is carried out at the same time as the dental implant procedure. This ensure that we are restoring the gum health as well as the missing tooth for our patients.

I have discussed in many blogs how we restore missing bone volume and often, this is also carried out at the same time as having the dental implant procedure.

By restoring natural optimum health we can guarantee the most aesthetic result for all of our patients, as well as the most long term solution.

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Mohsin Patel

Mohsin Patel

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