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Posted on 30th September 2023

To ensure a natural union between gums and teeth, the natural curvature of the gum line must be accurately replicated around the dental implants.

In my blog posts, I frequently discuss gums and gum shaping because of their crucial role in maintaining the health of teeth and dental implants. This is particularly important when replacing missing teeth that are supported by dental implants at the front of the mouth. It is imperative to accurately replicate the natural curvature of the gum line around the dental implants in order to achieve a seamless and natural union between the gums and the teeth.

Why is this important?

This is an important aspect of the process for replacing a tooth. Not only does it ensure that the tooth looks natural like the adjacent teeth, but it also helps in creating a naturally cleanable area around the replacement tooth where food and bacteria are less likely to accumulate. Achieving this requires manipulation of the gums to recreate precise gum contours. However, this can be a challenging task as each patient has a uniquebiotype which refers to the genetically determined thickness or thinness of their gums, as well as the level of keratinised tissue present. Our dental team evaluates these factors for each patient in order to plan the correct approach for recreating natural and healthy gum contours around the replacement dental implant-supported teeth.

Gum contours and thick gum graft around 2 dental implants

Teeth in the aesthetic smile zone

The successful results of implant dentistry in the aesthetic zone are heavily reliant on the proper management of soft tissue. A critical aspect of this is considering the cosmetic appearance of the final tooth. To ensure consistent and predictable outcomes, it is imperative that implant surgeons incorporate gum contouring as an essential component of their aesthetic implant treatment.

I am deeply intrigued by the concept of gum contours in implant dentistry, particularly due to the major role they play in determining the longterm success of dental implants.

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