Restoring Gums, Bone and Teeth – Another life changing treatment

Posted on 18th March 2023

This patient attended our clinic with advanced periodontal disease, which had caused her front four teeth in both arches to become loose and displaced. Understandably, she was very anxious about themfalling out. Periodontal disease is quite common, and can lead to the gradual recession of the gums and underlying bone, resulting in loose teeth, and in some cases, tooth loss. The patient was keen to restore her confidence in her smile and dental function, and did not wish to wear a removable denture.

Following a comprehensive evaluation and CT scan, the patient was offered a solution to replace the failing teeth in the front of her mouth. This included periodontal treatment to improve gum and bone health, including bone and gum grafting. This is a crucial step to ensure that any future replacement teeth have adequate support from the gum and bone, thus avoiding a repeat of the same issue. The remaining teeth were deemed ‘saveable’ through a detailed periodontal care plan administered by our dental hygienist. This enabled us to provide the patient with a solution to preserve as many of her teeth as possible, and replace the failing teeth with permanent dental implant-backed teeth.

The pictures show that we were able to restore her gum volume and health whilst providing her with the most natural form of tooth replacement for her front teeth. These implant supported bridges are made to mimic her natural teeth in almost every way possible. She can now confidently eat, smile and speak without having to be anxious about the way she looks, or her teethfalling out‘.

This patient travelled all the way from London to complete this treatment do you think it was worth the travel for her?

Thanks to our team‘s expertise, the patient gained a longterm solution to her dental problems. The bone and gum graft improved the longevity of the implantsupported teeth, making the travel from London worthwhile.

At Infinity Dental Clinic, our mission is to provide clinical treatments that don‘t just improve the aesthetics, but also ensure longterm outcomes for our patients. We are very proud to have helped another patient receive lifechanging treatment.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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