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Posted on 7th February 2021

At Infinity Dental Clinic we provide treatment using dental implants to replace missing or failing teeth in a way that looks as natural as real teeth. This is made possible by the meticulous planning and the work of our very highly skilled and experienced team to ensure all of our patients are provided with custom teeth that are the right fit for their mouth.

Simply replacing missing teeth is one thing, but for our team it is not enough to simply replace or restore teeth. The restorations must look natural in every way, they must fit perfectly into the patient’s smile. We spend a lot of our time recreating natural smiles which are both aesthetic and functional for the patient. Every patient has a personal preference on their smile design and we aim to meet each patient’s requirements by customising our dental care to achieve those desired outcomes. 

The images below show some examples of the aesthetic yet natural treatments we have provided when replacing missing teeth. Some teeth are irregular whilst others are perfectly symmetrical, whatever the smile charecteristics, our team will be able to reproduce a beautiful smile that worksfor that patient.

dental implant dental implant missing incisor natural looking dental implant toothThank you for reading, dental implantsMohsin Patel

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