Restoring the ability to chew again – A life changing outcome using dental implants

Posted on 22nd December 2016

Missing teeth – unable to chew “nuts and steak”

This patient attended my clinic with a longstanding problem, she had her molar teeth missing. This meant that she always struggled to chew her food efficiently. The simple things in life became the impossible things for her, she just couldn’t chew nuts and steak – her two most enjoyable foods. We decided to restore her bite by replacing her lost molar teeth with fixed permanent dental implants.

You can see from the picture below, the missing molar teeth on both sides meant she relied on her ‘front’ teeth to do all of the biting and chewing. Unfortunately, since the teeth at the front are not designed to chew, this resulted in her presenting problem with ineffective chewing.

missing molar teethmissing molar teeth


Implant placement to replace the missing molars

In the implant surgery appointment, 5 dental implants were placed in the edentulous (missing teeth) spaces. These implants were left to integrate and heal with the patient’s own natural bone for 3 months before teeth were fitted onto them.

The models below show the positioning of the dental implants in the patient’s mouth:
dental implant positioning

dental implant positioning


A life changing outcome

The pictures below show the molar teeth in function on both the right and left sides. This is not a treatment that has changed the way she looks – it is a treatment that has transformed the way she feels and lives her life.

dental implants to replace molar teethdental implants to replace molar teethdental implants to replace molar teeth

In the patient’s own words, the result of having her teeth again to be able to chew was life changing. She was delighted and reports being able to eat the things she would subconsciously avoid in the past. She is able to eat what she wants, rather than eat what she can, this has made her diet so much more healthier as a result.

I remember starting this journey with the patient in August, and we ‘joked’ about her being able to eat steak again someday. To be able to see that ability restored makes everyone in our team delighted to do our job.

The simple things in life are sometimes the most important.

Thank you for reading.

  • Mohsin

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