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Posted on 21st May 2022

This week’s blog is about another extraordinary change made to one of our patient’s life follwing her treatment. She attended our clinic with little to no confidence in her smile. This clearly had an effect on her general confidence and welbeing.

   We opted to provide her with treatment to replace all of her failing and missing teeth with implant supported replacement teeth. She didn’t want to wear a denture or be without teeth during the treatment phase therefore, we opted to provide her with our same day smiles approach. This enabled us to remove her failing teeth and place the dental implants all at the same time. We also provided her with bone augmentation and gum grafting at the same time to strengthen the supporting tissues in her mouth. By doing this, we reduced her future risk of developing further problems. Also on the very same day, we provided her with fixed teeth screwed directly into her dental implants. All of this meant she left our clinic with fixed teeth on the very first day of her clinical treatment.

As with all full arch cases treated with dental implants, the average healing times can take approximately 3-6 months and we replace the initial teeth with the final teeth after this period of time. This enables the gums to fully heal around the dental implants. We also use this time to create careful gum contours and finesse the final smile design. The time we spend with our patients designing the perfect smile is the most crucial part of the whole treatment journey. This is how we are able to provide a truly customised and bespoke smile that fits perfectly within the patient’s own mouth and personality.

We listened to the patient carefully to provide her with a smile that looked and felt like her own. When I saw her yesterday for her review, she was transformed. Her smile filled the room with happiness and she just looked happier and more confident on the whole. She told me that her family were delighted for her and she feels a lot better eating, speaking and smiling again.

It is moments like this that makes our team extremely proud and passionate about the work that we do.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

Mohsin Patel

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