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Posted on 20th February 2021

One of the highlights from this week was treating our patient for a full arch same day smiles solution. He had suffered with periodontal disease over many years which had resulted in his teeth becoming loose and unstable. This was affecting his confidence and his ability to chew with ease. He knew that his teeth had to be replaced but he couldn’t comprehend the thought of being without teeth for any length of time whilst have treatment to replace his teeth. I find that most patients end up delaying dental treatment due to the fear of being left in a compromised situation if the dentist removed some or all of their teeth.

During his consultation at Infinity Dental Clinic, we provided an in depth assessment along with a CBCT scan to plan his treatment options meticulously so that the patient could fully understand all of his options and choose the best solution for himself.

The patient opted to have all of his teeth replaced using our same day smiles approach. This is a solution that involves removing the teeth and replacing them with fixed teeth supported by dental implants all on the same day. It means that the patient leaves the clinic with permanent teeth. These teeth are not the final restorations but whilst we wait for everything to heal over the next 4-6 months the patient will continue to have a fixed set of teeth that enables him to eat, speak and smile with much more confidence than he had before. The transition between having to have all of your teeth removed and then having them replaced with dental implants can be a daunting experience for many people. For those patients suitable for same day smiles solutions, this transition is made easier and less stressful.

When providing such a high level of treatment in one day, we have a whole team of professionals contributing to the workflow to ensure that the patient has a flawless transition throughout the day. The team consists of our implant surgical team, our sedation team, our coordination team and also our dental technician (Stephen Green) who expertly manufacturs the teeth on site whilst the surgery is taking place.

The patient travelled from the Lake District to undergo this treatment. We sedated the patient so that he could be in the most relaxed state whilst undergoing this treatment. The most memorable part of the day was to hear his mother (who also attended) comment on how much more improved her son’s smile looked and what a difference it had made to him. This comment was made within minutes of us completing the treatment on the day.

The patient will have his final teeth fitted in approximately 4-6 months – these teeth will be an even greater improvement. However, his current teeth will stand him in good shape over the next 6 months and he will be able to have more confidence as he continues to live his life during this period of time.

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Mohsin Patel

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