Sculpting replacement teeth by creating natural gum contours

Posted on 19th September 2021

I have often written about gum shaping and how important this is to achieving aesthetic outcomes with dental implants. This process is even more important when providing implant bridges – a process that uses fewer implants to replace multiple teeth. Implant bridges are always used when replacing a full arch of teeth. The shape of the gums is not only important to achieve an aesthetic smile but it is also a very important feature when considering the long term maintenance and health of the peri-implant soft tissues. A more naturally contoured gum shape will enable easier cleaning around the replacement implant supported teeth which in turn will minimise the risk of bacteria (plaque) accuumulation and the associated gum disease that can occur with this.

Naturally contoured gums also provide a better ‘seal’ around the implant supported crowns which further minimises the chances of food accumulation around and between the replacement teeth.

This pictures shows how we can carefully, almost artistically, create individual gum contours to recreate the natural gum shapes around each of the 12 individual replacement teeth that this patient will have on his implant bridge. He had 6 dental implants but the gum shaping will enable us to provide the patient with what will look and feel like 12 individual teeth. It takes a lot of patience and skill to develop these gum contours but the results can make all the difference. It really is the key to providing the highest standards in dental implant treatment.


Mohsin Patel

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