Sometimes the bone growth is extraordinary…

Posted on 4th May 2024

In this case which I have recently completed the patient presented to me with insufficient bone to have treatment to replace his upper teeth.

He had been to various consultations before seeing me, only to be told numerous times that such treatment with implants was not possible due to the bone loss. This advice was correct, he did not have enough bone. In fact, his bone loss was so advanced that it was impossible to place any implants in his upper jaw in a way that would replace all of his teeth.

We needed to find an alternative solution. This was a man who had failing teeth and really needed to restore his smile and confidence and quality of life.

After a thorough assessment we designed a treatment plan that would replace his missing bone using bone grafting methods. This would ultimately provide him with sufficient bone volume to then have dental implants and a full upper arch of teeth. This was the only was he could ever have fixed and permanent teeth.

Bone grafting in such a severe case is always life changing. To be able to rebuild jaw bone where there is no bone left is so impactful. It is the difference between this man spending the rest of his life with removable loose dentures OR having the rest of his life with permanent teeth as close to real teeth as is possible.

I am very proud of our team to be able to achieve such an incredible outcome in such a complex case. We really have given this patient a new lease of life.

Every patient presents to our clinic with a unique set of problems and challenges. We always strive to design a bespoke plan suited for their needs. We will always pursue every treatment method available to help them achieve their desired objectives – we will always do our best to improve our patient’s lives.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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