Still open, still safe and still here for all patients….

Posted on 1st November 2020

Another lockdown has been announced to begin on Thursday 5th November. It is certainly disappointing for everyone however, it is the kind of sacrifice we are all having to make to help us get through this pandemic with minimal damage.

Unlike the last lockdown, we are pleased to inform everyone that our practice (along with most of the dental profession) will be remaining open with no changes to our accessibility. We will remain accessible at all times to help every patient with all of their dental requirements – however big or small this may be!

We got through the last lockdown period with exceptional team work to maintain an exceptionally high standard of service to every patient as discussed in one of our previous blogs.

I am proud of the way our team and practice have ensured the safety of all of our patients and our team. We practice dentistry in a modern state of the art clinic which is kept clean and comfortable for every patient who attends. Our team is equipped with all of the neccessary PPE to ensure the risk of transmission is further lowered. For the last 6 months, our team have called every single patient the day before their appointment to ensure that they are not at risk of carrying the covid virus – and if their is any doubt we have rescheduled appointments to ensure the safety of everyone.

Above all of this, our team have invested in having in-house testing for covid so that we are able to regulary test our team using antigen testing. This has enabled us to minmise the risk of spread within our team by an even greater amount and it provides us with the confidence that we are providing the safest possible environment for every patient that attends our clinic.

We look forward to continuing help our patients over the winter months, whatever the challenge may be we will always do everything to keep our practice as safe as possible!

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel

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