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Posted on 16th June 2018

I performed a consultation yesterday on a patient whom we treated for dental implants a year ago. He attended our clinic and presented with a dental problem that required removal of another tooth (a tooth that was not treated at our clinic). He had already made the decision to have a dental implant to replace this tooth because he was happy with his previous treatment at the clinic and felt confident in our clinic and our expertise in providing successful dental implant treatment.

In this case what struck me was that this particular patient was not nervous or anxious at all. He felt absolutely sure that this was the easiest decision he has made. Clearly, the first time he came a year ago, he was more anxious about the prospect of having advanced dental care however, having been through it previously he was now preparing for this new treatment plan in a completely different way.

Our dental practice in Leeds provides over a thousand dental procedures to our patients per year and it is very important for us to measure and understand the success of our treatments so that future developments to improve further can be achieved. Almost all of our patient continue at our clinic for their ongoing dental care and I believe this to be the strongest marker when measuring our successful treatments. The only patients who we don’t see following their initial treatment are the ones that have been referred to us through their own dentist and we work closely with their dentist to continue with their long term maintenance.

At the clinic, we are very proud of our excellent success rates which are higher than the national averages. We provide individual care and a multi-team approach to our patients ensuring that each treatment case is provided to give the best possible outcomes for the patient.

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

Mohsin Patel

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