The Creator of Life Changing Smiles – by Gabriella

Posted on 24th June 2023

Written by Gabriella Saracino Hamill

Putting your trust into someone is a big step and when this involves dental treatment it can be difficult in knowing what to do and where to start.

We get many patients who have been for consultations before coming to us and we always ask the question, what stopped you from booking and they say the same, “I just didn’t feel that the dentist was right for me” they didn’t feel like they were being listened to or understood.

Creating a new smile isn’t about us telling you what we are going to do, its about what you want to change, it’s about the reasons you tend to avoid photos and don’t smile as much as you would like to.

Finding the right person to do this is a big decision, you are putting all of your trust in them and you need to feel comfortable in the decision that you make.

Creating beautiful bespoke smiles is what we do and nobody more so than our team led by Dr Mohsin Patel. From the moment you step into his surgery you will be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. Your consultation with Dr Mohsin Patel is just the beginning of your journey, its all about you, this is where we discover what makes you unhappy and what changes you want to make, there are no lectures and no sales talk, its all about listening to your concerns and what you want to achieve.

Dr Mohsin Patel and his team are the UKs leading dental implant providers, he mentors dentists in this field of dentistry so you couldn’t be in better hands, the passion that he has is incredible and, along with our team, he has helped transform thousands of smiles, each one of them has an amazing life changing story.

I wanted to share some amazing comments from some of Dr Mohsin Patels patients, which he has treated.

“I remember Mohsin being so incredibly understanding, and accommodating for my personal needs.”

“Some people looking or needing to have the similar dental treatment like me, perhaps only look towards the beautiful end, they’re never realizing or understanding the importance of the foundations from which the ending is built. Mohsin, we achieved everything discussed, the finite detail was captured & for that I will be forever thankful.”

I remember seeing a patient who had come out of the surgery after completing his treatment, his wife was seeing this transformation for the first time. I will never forget how his wife’s eyes lit up as she saw her husband smiling again, she looked at him in such a way that I will never forget, almost like seeing him for the first time it was beautiful.

Dr Mohsin Patel is not just an amazing dentist, he truly is the creator of life changing smiles.

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