The life changing impact of dental implants…

Posted on 21st January 2023

At our clinic, many patients come seeking relief from dental issues. Missing or decaying teeth typically prompt them to pursue treatment with dental implants, as these can help them eat, speak and smile with assurance. Many patients have tried to replace missing teeth with removable dentures, but they are aware that these cannot provide the same feedback as natural teeth. Dentures cannot give them the same level of confidence as fixed teeth can.

When patients first come to see us, they may have been suffering from dental issues for some time. This can cause a decrease in selfesteem and confidence. If they are accompanied by a partner or friend, I often hear comments like,They haven‘t been themselves since the dental problems started.”

Our team is proud to offer fixed teeth solutions to patients with severe dental problems. These permanent teeth can be lifechanging for those who thought it was impossible to have a mouth filled with “real” teeth. Our experienced practitioners are capable of finding solutions for even the most challenging cases. Once our patients recognise the possibilities for them, we will plan the most suitable treatment for them.

At our clinic, thousands of patients have experienced lifechanging benefits from dental implants. It is an incredibly emotional process when treatment is complete, as the improvement in our patients lives can be overwhelming. This should not be seen as just another dental treatment option, but as a gift that can bring years of joy and happiness.

Here are some of the patients we have treated at our clinic:

Thank you for reading, Mohsin Patel

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