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Posted on 17th August 2019

As we get ever closer to the completion of the new dental practice, I realise that we haven’t even planned an open day as such. Over the last few months we have been focusing so much on continuing the smooth running of our dental practice as well as ensuring the new practice build is being completed as planned. For this reason, we have not really focused on a ‘grand’ opening event. Many of our patients have seen the work taking place over the last few months and those that haven’t have read our blogs and followed our story.

The practice expansion is due for completion on September 6th however, as with all building work, this can fluctuate by a few days either side. A lot of this will depend on the external work which is weather dependant and therefore, it is difficult to put an exact date however, we know it will done very close to the 6th September.

My previous blog on why we are expanding our practice explains the reasons behind this big project. For me this is a big step towards achieving our vision of providing excellent dental care for everyone at our practice. We are very proud to provide a facility that helps every patient from every type of dental health background. Seeing the project in the final stages has made me realise how close we are in taking another step towards our strive for dental excellence. The fact is, we will never reach absolute excellence because the world of dentistry is continually changing with more digital technology and treatment methods being introduced however, we are at the forefront of this advancing profession and we are proud to be keeping up with the ever improving world of dentistry.

We are also opening our new education facility which will enable us to provide training and dental education at our practice. Dental education has been a passion of mine and I am proud to be able to mentor fellow dentists in the field of Implant dentistry.

After September 6th, all of our patients and any members of the public are welcome to come along and see our new dental practice. The fact is that we don’t actually have an ‘opening day’ because we haven’t actually had to close our dental practice at all during this project. We have had an exceptional project manager who has ensured the work has been carried out with minimal disruption to our dental practice and also on time. Her name is Tracy Bean and she has exceeded our very high expectations by managing this project for us. The project hasn’t been completed yet however, I have already seen enough to be confident in Tracy’s ability to ensure it is all completed on time to the highest of standards.

We will have a welcoming event on a Saturday morning in late September (TBC) for anyone to attend where we will show you our new state of the art facilities alongside a nice warm tea or coffee. The date for this will be confirmed as soon as the project has been successfully completed.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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