The power of prevention

Posted on 13th February 2021

Here at Infinity Dental Clinic, we are proud to provide a vast range of restorative treatment options in order to create life-changing smiles for our patients. Not only do we fix dental problems, we strive to prevent them.

 What does prevention mean in dentistry?

Prevention in dentistry, refers to the actions that should be taken to avoid dental disease and maintain the health of teeth, gums and restorative prostheses such as implants, crowns or bridges. These actions start from the eruption of the very first baby tooth and continue throughout life.

What preventative actions should I take?

  • Regular visits to the dentist and hygienist; usually every 6 months but sometimes more frequently, dependent on your dental risk.

Dental diseases are often ‘silent’ which means minimal warning signs are shown initially. A dentist or hygienist can detect early signs of disease and therefore help to prevent disease progression. If avoided, problems such as pain, infection and tooth loss may arise as a result. Furthermore, extensive treatment may then be required, as opposed to more minimally invasive treatment options in the earlier stages. Try not to avoid dental visits just because you have no current pain or problems.

  • A good oral hygiene regimen is essential to prevent disease. This refers to the removal of plaque and bacteria from the teeth and gum line regularly and efficiently. Plaque is often the main cause of gum disease and dental decay.

At Infinity Dental Clinic we will devise an oral hygiene regimen that is specific to you and your dental needs. This will then be reviewed frequently at each of your dental visits to ensure you can keep your own mouth as healthy as possible, on a daily basis. This puts the power of prevention in your own hands.

The value of prevention here at Infinity Dental…

So many of our patients at Infinity Dental Clinic are embracing the power of prevention through their personalised Denplan membership. Denplan encourages patients to stick to their regular dental and hygienist visits, thus regular screening for oral disease is carried out, alongside regular preventative advice and treatment. It is clear that those embracing their personalised plan have healthier teeth and gums long-term, therefore will be less likely to need extensive treatment in the future. It’s never too late to take control of your own oral health. For further information on our Denplan memberships.

 Thank you for reading.

Claire Jennings BSC DH DT

Claire Jennings Infinity Dental Clinic

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