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Posted on 7th March 2021

This week started with a life changing treatment on Monday and ended with another life changing treatment on Friday.

Same day smiles – First stage

On Monday we treated a patient who has been avoiding dental treatment for many years because her teeth had become so loose that she feared having to have her teeth removed and spend time toothless. This fear made her problems worse as the longer she avoided dental care, the more compromised her teeth became. Her ability to eat, speak and smile became seriously affected. When she visited our clinic we provided her with an option to have all of her failing teeth removed and replaced on the same day, therefore not spending any time at all with her teeth. The treatment was all performed under sedation and the patient spent a relaxed day at the clinic on Monday undergoing the full treatment procedure – from removing her teeth to having dental implants and then finally having her fixed teeth fitted before going home.

This is a highly advanced dental procedure that we are proud to be providing at our clinic for those patients who are suitable for it and would benefit from this. The patient we treated on Monday was clearly depressed about her teeth. It had affected every aspect of her life and was seriously affecting her ability to just enjoy her normal day-to-day life. The thought of losing all of your teeth can be daunting for many patients. Even when you know your teeth are in a bad way, you can’t imagine losing them and being toothless. For this lady, being able to have these teeth removed and replaced all at the same time was the lifeline she needed to help her have the treatment she had needed for so long. Finally she can eat, speak and smile with confidence. The most memorable moment for me was when I handed her the mirror at the end of the treatment on Monday and she had a tear in her eye as she looked at how different her smile appeared.

After this day of advanced dental treatment, we wait approximately 3-6 months to ensure the gums and mouth have fully settled and healed prior to replacing those ‘temporary’ teeth with the final permanent teeth. The only difference between the 2 is that the final teeth are stronger and look even more aesthetic than the so called ‘temporary’ set that are fitted on day 1.

Same day smiles – Final stage

This brings me to the patient we treated on Friday. She also had the ‘same day teeth’ approach 6 months ago and now she was ready to have the ‘final’ teeth fitted. You can read about her same day treatment in our previous blog from 6 months ago by clicking this text.

For her the last 6 months had been great considering she had all of her upper teeth removed. This was because, as always, we fitted her with temporary fixed teeth from day 1 so that she never spends any time without her teeth. For this reason, she was able to continue to eat, speak and smile with confidence throughout the whole treatment journey. However, duirng the last 6 months we had ample opportunity to design her final smile. The patient and our team discussed various smile designs and we custom made a smile that the patient felt was most suited for her. The final teeth were fitted on Friday – the teeth are made out of zirconia and are as strong as dental restorations can get. They are smooth and easy to clean and, most of all, they will restore this patient’s ability to eat, speak and smile with as much confidence as one could ever hope for – even when compared with natural teeth. In the most fitting end to the week, the patient confessed that she was most looking forward to having steak for dinner on the weekend with her new teeth!

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Mohsin patel

Mohsin Patel

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