Most patients with failing teeth struggle to chew properly and also with the confidence in their smile. For this patient the struggles with her teeth had been ongoing for many years before she came to see us at Infinity Dental Clinic. When this patient first attended our clinic she said she was struggling to chew her food and the appearance of her smile was affecting her confidence. She stated that she wanted a proactive long term solution so that she could enjoy her food and life without the continued struggles caused by her teeth.

During her consultation, we found that the cause for her dental problems was an underlying advanced gum problem – periodontal disease. The advanced nature of this had resulted in bone loss affecting all of her teeth making them loose and unstable.

After providing the patient with all of her options she decided to have them replaced with fixed permanent dental implant supported teeth. She had already tried wearing dentures in the past and had come to the conclusion that these were not suitable for her as they did not address the problems she was having with her teeth.

Over a period of 4-6 months, the patient was provided with a careful treatment approach to provide her with the long term solution she wanted. Her teeth were removed and immediately replaced with temporary teeth that would provide her with a smile whilst she waited for completion of her treatment.

During the treatment phase we carefully designed a custom set of teeth to achieve the smile goals of the patient. The patient was able to try prototype versions of her teeth throughout the treatment process and even got to trial them over a few months to ensure she would be happy with the way they feel, function and look. After each of these ‘trial sessions’ the patient would come back to the clinic and provide us with valuable feedback that we would then use to amend her teeth and make them even more customised and suited to her. Ultimately, 6 months later we reached a situation where we provided the patient with her final zirconia (aka ceramic or procelain) teeth supported by 6 dental implants in both the upper and lower arches.

As one can imagine, the patient was delighted at the prospect of being able to eat comfortably and be confident with her smile once again. We joked about how she may need to wear a clear face mask so that she can show off her new smile! I know the patient will be reading this blog so I hope she is enjoying her new teeth and it is making a life changing improvement to her life!

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel

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