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Posted on 23rd April 2022

This week’s blog is about a same day teeth, full arch treatment completed at our clinic. The patient said one of the major problems for him was smiling with his teeth showing. He would tend to smile with his lips covering his teeth. This became his ‘normal’ smile over many years, such was his lack of confidence in his teeth. Due to having multiple missing and failing teeth, he was also not able to chew as well as he would have liked.

These are common problems faced by many patients who attend our clinic for the first time. We are always able to help patients overcome all of these problems. In this patient’s case, one of the options offered was a full arch of replacement teeth supported by dental implants. This was the best options due to the deteriorating health of the exisitng dentition. The patient wanted to pursue this however, he was concerend about being without teeth during the treatment process. Our team were also able to offer him the option to undergo our same day teeth approach to full arch treatment. This would mean that we provide the patient with fixed implant supported teeth on the very same day he has his exisiting failing teeth removed. This provisional bridge means he is never without fixed teeth. After a 3-6 month healing period, we then replace this provisional bridge with a more durable, long term bridge.

Our same day teeth approach was able to give this patient the treatment he required without hampering his quality of life in the interim period. He confidently smiles showing his teeth and has no reservations about what he can and can’t eat anymore. It truly is life changing for our patients who undergo this treatment, something we are all very proud of at Infinity Dental Clinic.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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