Tooth loss is not an inevitability with age

Posted on 24th October 2021

Blog written by Melanie Joyce:

I often hear patients use their age as a reason for them losing several teeth as though it’s a rite of passage that we all lose our teeth with age.  Tooth loss should not be accepted as part of the aging process.  Reasons for losing a tooth can be complicated but the root cause is usually due to decay or gum disease, both preventable dental diseases.  If these root causes can be prevented or detected at an early stage then no matter what age you are you should be able to retain your teeth for life.

Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants which are the next best thing to natural teeth however if it is possible, it is best to ensure the teeth never need replacing to begin with.  To ensure you keep your smile for life we would recommend regular attendance for examinations and preventative care through dental hygiene visits. The main contributing factors in both decay and gum disease is the plaque that builds up on a daily basis along the gumline, in between the teeth and in the grooves of the teeth.  Brushing along the gumline and all the surfaces of teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste alongside cleaning in between the teeth will disrupt and remove the plaque from your mouth. This will reduce your risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay.

Additionally reducing the frequency and amount of any sugar in the diet will also help reduce the chances of developing dental decay.  These are just two simple pieces of advice we offer during a preventative dental hygiene visit to help you maintain a healthy smile. Eveeryone and anyone can do this! Sometimes losing a tooth cannot be helped if the disease process has already occurred or if one is in the advanced stages of dental disease.  If you have already lost teeth or have loose teeth, do not worry this is something that can be treated and we can help you to ensure you do not lose any further teeth to restore your smile, function and confidence as well.

This is what one of our patients has to say about his preventative dental care plan at Infinity Dental Clinic:

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Melanie Joyce   

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