Tooth Loss, Whiter Teeth and Bad Breath – these are our most common smile anxieties

Posted on 10th December 2022

A smile is one of the first things we notice in both ourselves and those we meet everyday. The ability to show off a smile is a sign of friendliness and trust however, it is also very important for mental health and self esteem. Surveys have shown that many of us choose to hide our smile because of insecurities about the way it looks.

Research by the Oral Health Foundation has revevaled the most common smile anxieties amongst the UK public.

Tooth Loss

Dreaming of our teeth falling out is listed as one of the most common nightmares and two out of three people (68%) worry about the impact of tooth loss on their smile. Tooth loss is can be caused by dental decay, gum disease or trauma. Preventing tooth loss is possible with regular maintenance with the dental team. Following this, a bespoke care plan can ensure that each patient is provided with the correct dental strategy to minimise their own risk of losing teeth.

In situations where tooth loss cannot be prevented, or has already occured, our team provide dental implants to provide a fixed replacement tooth. This is as close to a real tooth as is possible and enable patients to overcome the stresses of losing a tooth. This treatment can also be provided in a way that our patients have a replacement tooth from day one.

Whiter teeth

According to the Oral Health Foundation research, 74% of us believe that white teeth are a sign of healthy teeth. Although this is not entriely true, the perception amongst people has a strong effect of self esteem and confidence in one’s smile. Teeth whitening treatments are simple and safe when provided by a dental professional and we, at Infinity Dental Clinic, have helped thousands of patients enhance this aspect of their smile.

Bad breath

The research has revealed that 90% of adults in the UK are concerned about bad breath. This has an effect on peoples personal and professional lives. Dental decay and periodontal disease (gum disease) are main contributors to bad breath. By regularly seeing your dentist and ensuring you are recieving the care required to have healtjhy teeth and gums, bad breath can certainly be prevented.


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