Transforming a life with replacement teeth

Posted on 25th November 2023

Chris attended our clinic desperate for help after suffering with loose and missing teeth for numerous years.

He travelled from Lancashire to pursue treatment to replace his missing and failing teeth. Chris had lost all confidence in his smile. He was struggling to chew many foods and this was limiting his dietary habits.

After a thorough assessment and CBCT scan we proposed a treatment option for Chris to have his teeth replaced with a dental implant supported prostheses. This meant he wuld be able to have his own version of a perfect smile that would enable him to eat, speak and smile with full confidence once again.

We provided Chris with implant retained dentures to significantly enhance his smile. The smile was carefully designed using natural smile principles to ensure we conformed to what would look most natural on his face – whilst still looking aesthetically pleasing.

I have got to know Chris and his partner very well throughout the treatment journey. Seeing his confidence change and the impact it has had on both himself and his partner has been inspiring. The influence of a healthy aesthetic smile is often understated or poorly understood. I have witnessed yet another patient become a completely new person due to the treatment they have had compelted at our clinic. Chris is now more confident than before, he smiles a lot more and can eat the foods he wants to with ease. His partner looks happier and more relaxed – indicating that the stress of having ‘bad’ teeth was affecting the shared experiences that they were both having in life together. By helping our patient Chris, the lives of those closest to him have also been influenced in a positive way. Chris can now enjoy all the moments in his life, with his loved ones, without the issues that have plagued him for so many years!

I am really proud of our team for achieving yet another life changing outcome for our patient.


Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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