Treating receding gums

Posted on 23rd January 2021

One of the most common dental features is receding gums. This affects many patients and there are many causes for this. It can be due to periodontal disease (gum disease) or it may just be due to having very thin gums in a certain part of the mouth – this is also known as having a thin ‘biotype’. Having receding gums can cause the following:

1 – Affects the appearance of a patient’s smile if it affects a tooth in the smile line

2 – Can cause hypersensitivity

3 – Can increase the risk of further gum recession and this can ultimately lead to loosening of teeth and eventual tooth loss.

One of the ways in which we can help patients reverse the effects of gum recession is by providing a soft tissue graft or gum graft. Every patient has an excess of keratinised soft tissue in the roof of their mouth. Keratinised tissue is what makes the healthy ‘thick’ pink gum tissue found around all healthy teeth. A small amount of this can be repositioned to the area of the mouth that is lacking in keratinised soft tissue (gum recession area). This will then vascularise in this region and start growing to reverse the effects of the gum recession. This treatment is provided using minimally invasive techniques to provide a safe and effective solution for patients who have gum recession.

Treating severely receded gums can significantly improve the long term health of a tooth and also enhances the appearance of a patient’s smile.

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Mohsin Patel

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