We love it when a team plan comes together!

Posted on 13th May 2023

This week we reviewed one of our lovely patients and were delighted to see how she had been getting on. She had received many compliments from her husband, friends and family, and was even having to re-learn how to smile again after years of covering her teeth!

When first attending our clinic, they were so unhappy with their teeth that they were under the impression we would need to remove them all and replace them with full arch of dental implants. After a full assessment including a comprehensive CBCT scan and report, we were very pleased to inform her we could actually save and improve many of her teeth.

We therefore all worked together as part of our multi-disciplinary team here at Infinity Dental Clinic to complete a life-changing transformation. This plan included:

– Improving the health of the teeth and gums alongside stain removal with hygiene therapy with our hygienists Claire and Melanie.

– The teeth were whitened to improve and brighten the colour – whilst still staying natural which was very important to this patient!

– Improving the appearance of the remaining front teeth using composite bonding with myself, Dr Hannah Wilson. This even involves a ‘trial smile’ to make sure the digital plan we had created suited our patients smile and was what she was hoping for. This is a really exciting appointment and shows us all an idea of how the final result will look. We then made subtle changes to the design to make sure it was perfect! We also changed old silver amalgam fillings for tooth-coloured composite restorations for a more natural look.

-The missing teeth on the upper arch were then replaced with dental implants by Dr Mohsin Patel, to match the new whiter, straighter smile. This was the most exciting appointment of all for our patient as she was thrilled to never have to wear ‘false teeth’ or dentures again! She even stated she wants to have all the other missing teeth replaced now too!

We were absolutely delighted and love it when we can develop such a close relationship with our patients to feel as happy as they do about their new teeth. We can’t wait to see her again once she has practiced her new smile showing off all her new lovely teeth!

Please get in touch if you think we can help you transform your smile.

Thank you for reading,


Dr Hannah Wilson BDS PGDipConSed MJDF RCS Eng

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