The courage and dedication shown by our patients and team to turn up during the challenging snowy days last week was exceptional. It always amazes me to see how dedicated some people are regardless of the challenges awaiting them.

Snow Infinity Dental Clinic outside

Snow Infinity Dental Clinic

Many of our patients would have been looking forward to their treatment on Thursday before the snow storm arrived. Although we completely understand that some patients would not be able to make the journey, we were pleasantly surprised to see how many actually did make it! One patient travelled all the way from Sheffield to attend early for her 9am appointment as she looked forward to having her dental implant treatment completed. She also surprised the whole team with a box of doughnuts which is an incredibly thoughtful gesture, especially when you consider all of the other challenges facing her on the way to the clinic.

We also had patients arrive all the way from Hull for their treatment despite the longer journey times caused by the weather and traffic. Another patient walked over 7 miles in the snow and when I asked him why didn’t he just reschedule his appointment he said, “I really want my teeth sorting and coming here today has been worth it.”

It is moments like this that we all remember. The dedication shown by everyone is relentless. It isn’t just on snowy days, it is everyday that we see this and I guess it is highlighted more during exceptional circumstances like this one.

Every patient that attended was met by our full team. Everyone made a huge effort to get their on time to ensure that our patients would be provided the service they deserve. It makes me very proud to be part of a team that is so reliable and dedicated.

Whatever the challenge that is thrown at us, a pandemic or a snow storm, we will always turn up and do our best for our patients.

Mohsin Patel

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