When all appears to be lost…

Posted on 24th September 2022

Our most recent case combined treatment to replace and restore this patient’s teeth. Our patient didn’t believe any of her teeth were treatable. She felt a full mouth of replacement teeth was the only option. To the untrained and inexperienced eye, it may appear to be the case that all of these teeth were past the point of being treatable.

There were multiple teeth affected by dental decay however, only a few actually required removal. We were confident that with the correct restorative treatment, most of these teeth were treatable. The teeth that were already missing or required removal were planned to be replaced with dental implants.

We planned to carefully replace all of the missing and failing teeth with dental implants. The dental implants would provide the most natural replacement for her missing teeth in both function and aesthetics.

Her remaining teeth were carefully treated to remove all of the dental decay. This initial treatment ensured that the teeth would not continue to deteriorate. Once the health of the teeth was stabilised, we carefully rebuilt all of her teeth using composite recontouring to re-shape and re-colour her teeth in a way that suited her smile. Our patient was involved in designing her own smile and hence, this smile was recreated from designs that the patient had approved herself.

To complete the treatment, we ensured that her dental implant teeth and her own teeth were matched in such a way that it would all look like a uniform natural smile. Treatment like this is so rewarding for our patients as we can transform their smile, and lives, by providing them with the correct care all in-house. Every member of our dental team contrinbuted to this care to ensure every tooth had the best possible treatment.

This is what it takes to make healthy long lasting smiles…

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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