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Posted on 25th September 2021

We completed another full mouth rehabilitation in a day – our same day teeth approach to replacing a patients failing teeth and providing a fully functional replacement all in a single day. It truly is one of the most life changing dental treatments available and for those who need this treatment, it means a lot!

Another lovely patient attended our clinic needing help with her failing and loose teeth. The gradual tooth loss thorughout her life had resulted in her having only a few failing teeth left. The idea of wearing a denture was not something she wanted to pursue and following her consultation, we were able to inform her that she would be suitable for the same day teeth approach.

The treatment started at 9am and was completed by 2.30pm. We completed so much work within that time. The whole team contributed to ensuring the treatment went as planned and everything was on track to providing our patient with the highest standard of care. Our nurses and surgical team, along with our sedationist all worked flawlessly together to ensure it was a relaxed atmosphere for our patient whilst providing the highest standard of precision dentistry and surgery. Our technician Stephen Green, along with his supporting team ensured that the prostheses was customised perfectly for the patient’s mouth and the placement of the dental implants on the day.

When I look back at a successful day like that I take immense pride in the years of training and development from every member of our team to enable such life changing dental sessions to occur at Infinity Dental Clinic. It truly is incredible and something that we are all very proud of!

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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