Words can’t describe how I feel…

Posted on 14th October 2023

As our patient looked in the mirror at his new smile, he said "words cannot describe how I feel, I had forgotten I had a smile'...

Life changing moments occur in our dental practice when we provide treatment that impacts our patient’s quality of life.

Life changing moments also occur when patient’s are no longer able to smile and eat in a normal way due to their dental health.

The impact that poor dental health can have on one’s life is probably under appreciated by most people who are not affected by such problems. I have seen patients attend our clinic desperate for help due to the impact their dental health is having on them. The act of smiling releases natural endorphins in your body. These are hormones that help us feel happy, secure and improves our welbeing. Thos who have no confidence in their smile tend to smile a lot less. In fact, they make a concious effort not to smile in order to hide their teeth. This can obviously have a negative effect on patient happiness and welbeing.

Not being able to eat all the foods comfortably is also a huge problem faced by patients suffering with poor dental health.

When this patient arrived to our clinic, he was affected by these 2 major issues due to the state of his dental health. We provided a thorough assessment of his dental health and recommended full arch treatment to replace all of his failing teeth with a dental implant supported zirconia bridge. His teeth were affected by advanced periodontal disease which meant they were loose due to severe bone and gum recession. Our treatment plan restored healthy bone and gum levels so that we could provide him with a strong foundation for his future implant supported teeth.

The patient’s wife attended throughout the treatment plan. It meant as much to her as it did to the patient himself. Happiness is shared and I couldn’t help but feel that our patient’s smile will also affect his wife’s smile!

At the end of the treatment, our patient was lost for words. He said it was a huge amount of change to take in and for this reason he was lost for words. He was delighted with the new smile and, in particular, how we made the smile look aesthetic whilst still retaining a ‘natural’ look to his overall smile appearance.

This truly will have a life changing effect on our patient and perhaps even his wife.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel



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