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Endodontic treatment (Root canal treatment)

Endodontic treatment (Root canal treatment) is a dental procedure used to treat and save an infected tooth. It involves removing the damaged area of the tooth (the nerve), cleaning and disinfecting it and then filling and sealing. Common causes resulting in the need for root canal treatment are a cracked tooth, a deep cavity/filling or trauma.

Although it is also possible to extract an infected tooth and replace it with a bridge, denture or dental implant, it is often preferable to try and save natural teeth where feasible.

Why May I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Bacterial infection in the chamber of the tooth causes the nerve to die. Once the nerve has been irreversibly damaged it is no longer possible to treat the tooth with a filling. This may be diagnosed either by your symptoms or from an x-ray.

Is it Painful?

Don’t believe the myths! Our Dentists will ensure the affected tooth is completely numb ensuring a comfortable procedure.  There is no reason why having root canal treatment should cause any more discomfort than any other dental treatment.

What to Expect

The first stage involves creating an opening in the biting surface of the tooth exposing the nerve chamber. This allows your Dentist to remove the inflamed nerve then clean, shape and prepare the root canals. Once this has been completed the chamber is then filled with a rubbery material to seal off the root canals.

How Long Will it Take?

It is often possible to complete this treatment in one 40-50 minute appointment. In complex cases it may take more than one appointment.

What Happens After?

As the centre of the tooth has been removed to place the root filling, the tooth will have become weakened and will usually require a crown. Crowns not only improve the tooth’s strength, reducing the chance of fracture, but they also helps to prevent bacterial reinfection by improving the seal.

Ceramic crown with precision milling, Infinity Dental Clinic Leeds

At Infinity Dental Clinic our Dentists will ensure that the fillings and crowns look and feel like natural teeth.


Endodontic treatment (Root canal treatment) is the only way to save your tooth once the nerve has become irreversibly damaged. At Infinity Dental Clinic we make every effort to ensure your root canal procedure is as comfortable as possible.

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