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Sedation Dentistry

Do you suffer from fear and dental anxiety at the mere thought of having any dental treatment? Does the idea of having a filling bring you out in a cold sweat?

Don’t worry help is at hand!

Here at Infinity Dental Clinic, our professional and caring approach will put you at ease. Our aim is for you to leave with a smile on your face!

Intravenous sedation in dentistry is a useful technique to help anxious patients undergo a stress-free dental procedure.

Dr Hannah Wilson is experienced at treating patients with dental phobia using intravenous sedation.

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What is Intravenous Sedation?

Intravenous (IV) sedation is one of the most common ways to help nervous patients deal with dental anxiety. IV sedation is a safe and effective way for nervous patients to undergo dental treatment. It involves the use of midazolam administered through a cannula in the back of the hand or arm.

How Does it Work?

Midazolam is an effective anti-anxiety sedative. It induces a deep state of relaxation and a feeling of calm. IV sedation causes short term amnesia, and so you will have little or no recollection of the dental procedure.

You will remain conscious throughout the treatment and be able to respond to questions and requests. Time will feel like it passed very quickly and may make you feel as if you were ‘asleep’.

What are the Benefits?

Dental sedation is an ideal way to help you relax whilst undergoing your dental treatment. It allows you to dissociate yourself from the noise and vibration of the drill or other procedure.

Even patients who are not nervous may wish to consider IV sedation whilst undergoing certain lengthy, more invasive procedures.

Is it Safe?

Midazolam is an extremely safe drug when administered by a specially trained professional.

What Should I Expect?

Before undergoing IV sedation, you will require a sedation assessment. Dr Wilson will take a full medical and social history and complete the consent forms, ensuring you are fully informed.

Prior to IV Sedation

It is important to follow the pre-sedation instructions listed below:

  • No alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment
  • Take all prescribed medication at your usual time (unless specified otherwise)
  • Have a light meal 2 hours before your appointment then no food or drink until afterwards
  • You need to be escorted by an adult who must be present in the building throughout the appointment and who is able to support and look after you when you are discharged home
  • You must go home by car or taxi, not public transport

During IV Sedation?

A thin plastic cannula is placed in the back of the hand or the arm. Midazolam is then administered, which will quickly make you feel sleepy and relaxed. Throughout the procedure we will monitor your pulse, oxygen levels and  blood pressure. Local anaesthetic will still be required to numb your tooth. However, this is administered after you are sedated so you will not be aware of it.

After IV Sedation?

You are likely to feel drowsy, disorientated and forgetful for a few hours as it takes time for the effects of the sedation to wear off.

For 24 hours after your appointment it is important to follow the instructions below:

  • You must not drive any vehicle or ride a bicycle
  • You will be unable to return to work
  • Do not operate any machinery
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • You must not make any important decisions or sign any legal documents

What is Inhalation Sedation?

Inhalation sedation, otherwise known as ‘happy air’, can be used in children when undergoing dental treatment as an alternative to general anaesthetic in the hospital. This is normally provided through our referral pathway. Please ask for further information.

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Intravenous sedation in dentistry is a useful technique to help anxious patients undergo a stress-free dental procedure.

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