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Same Day Teeth

Dr Mohsin Patel is the UK’s lead Straumann implant provider, with extensive experience in providing ‘Same Day Teeth’ using Dental Implants. If you are looking into Dental Implant treatment, but have been worried about spending time with missing teeth, get in touch to find out more about ‘Same Day Teeth’ at Infinity Dental Clinic.

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At Infinity Dental Clinic, based in the heart of Leeds since 1958, we aim to make your dental examination as stress-free as possible.

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We are the UK’s number 1 Straumann Dental Implant provider – the world leading premium dental implant system.

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Designed to help Dentists and the entire dental team enhance their clinical skills and improve Practice workflow.

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At Infinity Skin Clinic, we aim to create a natural, younger looking you.

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Dental Laboratory

A dental laboratory is a specialised facility where dental prostheses, appliances, restorations, and other dental devices are manufactured. These labs work closely with dentists to create custom-made items that are used for various dental treatments.

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2nd December 2023

Transforming a life with replacement teeth

Chris attended our clinic desperate for help after suffering with loose and missing teeth for numerous years.

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25th November 2023

On the other side of the chair

I have just completed my Invisalign treatment with Dr Roma McNeil. What a huge difference this has made to my smile!

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18th November 2023

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess begins to form when bacteria enter the root canal system from something like deep tooth decay or a crack in the tooth. Once bacteria have invaded the root canal it causes the nerve of the tooth to become inflamed and painful, causing toothache.

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11th November 2023

Dental Implants – How late is too late?

Leaving infected or damaged teeth in the mouth can result in hidden damage, whilst leaving gaps can cause drifting and loss of space to place a dental implant. For this reason we will always recommend early intervention, and will be able to offer you tailored advice and a customised treatment plan.

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4th November 2023

CBCT – will I grow an extra limb?

These are all of the considerations we make to ensure our patients are treated safely, with the latest technology and the best clinical outcomes.

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28th October 2023

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