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Education and Mentoring

At Infinity Dental Clinic we are very proud to receive referrals from fellow Dentists to assist in providing all aspects of advanced dental care.

We are passionate about building a close working relationship with our referring Dentists and so also offer mentoring alongside referral. This allows Dentists to complete many of these treatments within their own dental practices. With Implant Dentistry, many of our referring Dentists are now even able to restore the Dental Implants themselves. The benefit of this is it provides consistency for the patient and allows for the referring Dentist to build on their clinical skills to contribute to the Implant treatment and ongoing care in-house.

One of the unique ways in which our referral programme works is that we offer mentoring of your patients both at our clinic and at your clinic. This allows for full team training and targeted learning for each referring dental practice. We provide training to Dentists and their teams through:

  • Mentoring
  • Observation of Live Surgery
  • One-on-One assistance between Mentor and Mentee on each case
  • Peer reviews for continuous reflection and learning
  • Lunch and Learns for all members of the dental team

Dental  Implant Mentoring

Dr Mohsin Patel is a member of the International Team of Implantology (ITI) and actively educates and mentors fellow Dentists in the field of Implant Dentistry. Dr Patel is an official Straumann mentor, he also teaches on courses at the Campbell Academy and in addition holds peer review groups at our practice study clubs in Leeds.

Our mentoring and education involves a structured programme designed to build on the practical and clinical skills necessary to competently provide Dental Implant care in-house. Our mentorship can be tailored to your needs, ranging from how to restore Dental Implants to treatment planning and placing Dental Implants.

IV Sedation Mentoring

Dr Hannah Wilson is a Royal College of Surgeons accredited sedation mentor, with vast experience in providing sedation in both primary and secondary care. These practical skills and completion of a Diploma in conscious sedation, have all been utilised to help patients with anxiety management.

Infinity Dental Clinic Training Academy

Visit our blog page to find discussions on various topics of dental and clinical education:

Please see our testimonial below for a great example of how local Dentists can work together to expand their knowledge and improve their practice:

If you would like further information on how we can support you in developing your own career pathway please email

I was very fortunate to meet Dr Mohsin Patel and the team at Infinity Dental 18 months ago, when I had nothing but basic knowledge of dental implants. Dr Mohsin Patel then helped me to find a direction for my patients looking to have dental implants, and ensured that I was on board the whole time.

I went from an absolute beginner to finally being able to place dental implants in my own patients in my own practice, something I would never have thought possible!

I would highly recommend him as a mentor to other dentists starting out in this field, as he is very knowledgeable, and has a huge amount of experience behind him. He is supported by his excellent team at Infinity Dental, who have always been great with the administrative side of referrals, appointment booking etc. My practice has developed a great relationship with his, and we hope to keep this professional relationship for many years to come.” – Dr Sanaa Kader

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