Dental Check-Ups & Consultations

Maintaining your dental health

Regular dental consultations and hygiene therapy are vital to help protect your oral health. This allows for prevention and early intervention, should any problems arise with your teeth or your gums.

Here at Infinity Dental Clinic, our team of expert Dentists are here to carry out a full clinical assessment and provide you with advice on maintaining your dental health or improving your smile. However big or small your dental concern, our team is here to help.

We are one of only a few dental practices in the UK to provide the latest Digital Dental techniques enabling us to perform Dentistry with optimum precision. Our in-house CBCT Scanner and Intra-Oral Digital Scanners allows us to provide the highest standards in Dentistry at our clinic.

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What is a dental check-up?

At your dental consultation, you will be given all of the options available to you to make your mouth healthy and find the right treatment for you. In most cases, their will be multiple options that are available and this will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation.

Dental consultations

Our dentists will complete a comprehensive dental health examination. This will include assessing your jaw joints, muscles and salivary glands for any irregularities. A full examination of your mouth will be carried out, which includes an oral cancer screening. An assessment of your teeth and gums will also be completed, evaluating your overall risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

At this consultation we will provide you with both your immediate and long term dental care options. Your immediate dental care may involve treatment that is required to make your mouth healthy again such as fillings, hygienist visits or any other more advanced dental treatments.

Your long term dental care would be a tailor-made plan to minimise your individual dental risk in the future. This may involve regular dental examinations and hygienist appointments to ensure that your mouth is maintained in a healthy state with minimal risk. Find out about Denplan – our practice plan which ensures our patients keep their teeth and smiles healthy!

Dental x-rays

Radiographs, or X-rays, are taken at routine intervals to help assess for any signs of decay in-between the teeth or underneath any fillings. We also have an intra-oral digital scanner and a CBCT scan to use if indicated, to ensure all investigative methods are available to our patients. We provide all of this in-house to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. So don’t worry if you are someone who gags when having normal x-rays taken, it is very common and we have various options available at Infinity Dental Clinic to provide you with a comfortable diagnostic assessment!

Treatment options

In cases where advanced dental care is required we provide our patients with a comprehensive bespoke dental report which explains all of their treatment options in detail. This is presented to the patient allowing enough time to ask any questions and go through all options in detail. This ensures that you will be provided with enough time to read and understand the information before deciding on the most ideal solution for you.

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Steven Gilbert

General Dental Care

I have recently had composite fillings and am just starting teeth whitening. I cannot recommend this place enough, it is the best dental clinic I have ever seen. I thank Dr. James, he is really good and put my mind at ease about the works required. Explained the best course of action, and a schedule for works. I am amazed as i cannot even see where the composite fillings are. This staff at the clinic provide an excellent service, very polite, friendly and professional. I am very satisfied with all the work they did on my teeth. Thanks you to Dr. James and the team of infinity dental clinic.

Courtney Amber


If you’re looking for a dentist who truly cares, Infinity Dental Clinic is the one for you! As somebody who suffered with a huge fear of the dentist and avoided going for over 8 years, I cannot believe I have got to the point where I look forward to my dental appointments! My fear of the dentist has completely vanished.
From the moment you step foot into the practice, each and every individual is so warm and welcoming. The whole team are absolutely lovely!
An enormous thank you to Dr Hannah Wilson and Yvonne, who made every dental visit a positive, comfortable and entertaining experience. After 11 months with Invisalign – I could not be happier with the results. Dr Wilson really does her best to ensure that you get the best results possible and is always super informative, reassuring, gentle and supportive. From start to finish, each member of the team have been superb, supportive and enthusiastic – it has made every step of my journey worth it! I honestly would not go anywhere else, I’ve found my forever dental practice and I could not be happier.

Karen Naylor

General Dental Care

I visited Melanie, the hygienist at Infinity today, the third time she has treated me and as usual my teeth feel absolutely amazing! Melanie is so friendly and chatty and shows a genuine interest in what you have to say and like all staff at this practice she immediately puts you at ease. She creates a very relaxed atmosphere which instantly takes away any nervousness.

She explains everything very simply and clearly and is extremely knowledgeable. I have Airflow treatment and it’s fantastic, my teeth look and feel beyond clean!
Melanie also gives very comprehensive after care instructions, which interdental brushes to use in my case on my first visit she even did a video on my phone so I wouldn’t forget! I would 100% recommend Melanie if anyone is considering seeing a dental hygienist.

Jen Inglis

General Dental Care

Having not been to the dentist for two years and being frightened for as far back as I can remember admitting that I really should go was easy the hard bit was choosing a new dentist! I chose Infinity as they specifically mentioned nervous patients on their website.
I met Hannah had an inspection and Sod’s law after an X-ray she said I needed two fillings! I knew that I would but being a dental phobic it was easy to convince myself otherwise! She sent me to Melanie the dental hygienist for a scale a polish, come on now that’s nothing you may say, I don’t care it’s awful and painful! Well not this time!!! Melanie was brilliant! It was the most painless scale and polish I’d ever had! Top notch! I went for my fillings today. I cried as usual asked for enough local to numb an elephant, laid back and put my faith in Hannah! True to her word I had the elephantine anaesthetic and she got on with the job asking if I was ok at regular intervals. The whole experience from booking in to rinsing at the end was as good as it can be for a 46 year old who’s Mam still takes her to the dentist! Everyone was kind and compassionate and seem to understand I was frightened. Hannah is a real gem of a find for me! So from a real nervous patient I absolutely would recommend Infinity Dental Practice to all phobic people!
Thank you so much!

David Ryder

General Dental Care

Great service, always going that extra mile. Recommend to everyone.

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