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Why you may need dental fillings?

Dental fillings may be required for a variety of reasons including dental decay, trauma or fractures. Fillings are placed directly into the tooth during a single appointment. Restoring the tooth with a filling is ideal when the tooth defect is small and is protected by surrounding healthy tooth structure. The decay and any weakened tooth surface will be removed and then the cavity will be restored with one of the following materials:

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Types of dental filling:

Composite filling dental

Composite fillings

Modern, high quality ‘white fillings’ bond directly to the tooth resulting in a reduced amount of tooth preparation. The shade can be matched closely to the colour of your tooth, providing a more aesthetically pleasing result. With great developments in this field, ‘white fillings’ are often as durable as amalgam fillings. They are also free of mercury.

Dental implant to replace missing tooth and composite to replace amalgam silver filling

Amalgam fillings

This material consists of mercury, silver, tin and other metals. These are often referred to as ‘silver fillings’. Although not aesthetically pleasing, they have a long proven track record of being strong enough for large dental fillings

How can i keep my teeth white

Glass ionomer fillings

These are often used as a temporary filling material. They are used in baby teeth as they release fluoride.

In-house dental laboratory

All of our dental restorations are made at our industry leading in-house dental laboratory ensuring we have full control over the quality of our dental prostheses. Our dental laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to produce the highest standards in dental restorations. Each restoration is individually made to ensure no two smiles ever look the same – it truly is customised for every patient.

Why have a dental crown?

A crown is a custom made restoration that surrounds the complete surface of your tooth, it is sometimes referred to as a ‘cap’. The restoration can be made out of a metal-alloy, porcelain or the ‘all ceramic’ EMAX® material.

A crown may be recommended if there is insufficient tooth remaining for a direct filling, to replace existing failing crowns or after root canal treatment.

Crowns can also be used to improve the appearance of discoloured teeth or strengthen vulnerable teeth.

Types of dental crown

All ceramic EMAX crowns

These crowns are made of a unique compressed ceramic. Advancing technology has meant that these reinforced ceramics negate the need for a metallic substructure. EMAX® crowns can be made to exactly match the appearance of your natural teeth. Due to their high strength characteristics, they can be used anywhere in the mouth.

Gold crown

Metal-Alloy Crowns

These crowns are made of a combination of metals. They are either gold or silver in colour.

Dental crown smile makeover

Porcelain Crowns

These crowns are tooth coloured and made entirely of porcelain. Porcelain is relatively brittle hence, these crowns can only be used in limited cases at the front of the mouth.

PFM Crowns

These crowns have a metal-alloy substructure which is layered with a porcelain crown. This gives the strength of the metal crown with the tooth coloured appearance of the porcelain crown. As the ceramic has to mask the metal layer underneath, it often has an opaque appearance.

Dental bridge

Why have a dental bridge?

A bridge replaces missing teeth by using the support of neighbouring teeth. Due to the reliance on strong adjacent teeth, a bridge may only be used in certain clinical situations. The replacement tooth on a bridge is made from the same materials used to make crowns. Your suitability will be assessed during your consultation. You will also be given the alternative treatment options as in some cases a dental implant may be a more favourable solution.

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Steven Gilbert

General Dental Care

I have recently had composite fillings and am just starting teeth whitening. I cannot recommend this place enough, it is the best dental clinic I have ever seen. I thank Dr. James, he is really good and put my mind at ease about the works required. Explained the best course of action, and a schedule for works. I am amazed as i cannot even see where the composite fillings are. This staff at the clinic provide an excellent service, very polite, friendly and professional. I am very satisfied with all the work they did on my teeth. Thanks you to Dr. James and the team of infinity dental clinic.

Karen Naylor

General Dental Care

I visited Melanie, the hygienist at Infinity today, the third time she has treated me and as usual my teeth feel absolutely amazing! Melanie is so friendly and chatty and shows a genuine interest in what you have to say and like all staff at this practice she immediately puts you at ease. She creates a very relaxed atmosphere which instantly takes away any nervousness.

She explains everything very simply and clearly and is extremely knowledgeable. I have Airflow treatment and it’s fantastic, my teeth look and feel beyond clean!
Melanie also gives very comprehensive after care instructions, which interdental brushes to use in my case on my first visit she even did a video on my phone so I wouldn’t forget! I would 100% recommend Melanie if anyone is considering seeing a dental hygienist.

Sam Frain

Cosmetic Dentistry
General Dental Care

I would recommend Infinity Dental Clinic because of their exceptional tailored advice. The biggest thing for me was the long term vision and plan they provided me with…


Dental Implants
General Dental Care

It has been a wonderful experience with Infinity dental clinic. From the first day of registration, hygiene visits, up to when I got my implant fitted.
Staff are very polite, friendly, and the atmosphere is just really nice. The professionals are exceptionally good and you just feel relaxed and confident that you are in good hands. Procedures are well explained and discussed, fears allayed and my experience here at Infinity has erased all previous fears and anxieties about dentists.
A big thank you to the entire team.

Bernard Foy

General Dental Care

I have been attending Infinity dental clinic for some years now and have always seen Dr Wilson for all my dental care. I could not be happier with the treatment and care I have received over the years at this clinic. Dr Wilson Really is a fantastic dentist and I look forward to carrying on my routine dental care at this practice.

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