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Posted on 29th March 2024

Natural tooth replacements – that’s what it’s all about at Infinity Dental Clinic.

This patient attended our clinic with her upper 2 central incisors failing due to localised periodontal disease. This resulted in advanced bone loss and the teeth drifting out of position. This is why in the pre operative image the teeth appear mis-aligned. Periodontal disease affects over 60% of the adult population in the UK and is still the leading cause of tooth loss.

For this patient the thought of losing these teeth was daunting. It was anxiety inducing. This would have a direct impact on her smile, on her confidence and on the quality of her life.

We had to replace these missing teeth. The longer she holds onto these failing teeth, the more lasting damage it will do to her gums and bone. For this reason, we opted to replace these teeth urgently. The treatment was meticulously planned to replace the bone and gum deficiencies alongside placing 2 Straumann dental implants to replace the 2 teeth. The treatment was conducted with due care to the details around the gum contours and tooth anatomy. It is this detail that makes our replacement teeth look so natural.

The patient was delighted to have her smile restored, in a way that looks as natural as if they were her own teeth – that is what it’s all about at Infinity Dental Clinic.

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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