3 patients, 3 Dental Implant cases and 3 completely different procedures

Posted on 24th November 2018

We had a busy day of Implant surgery yesterday at the clinic. We had 3 patients scheduled to have the first part of the treatment to have their dental implants placed. The day was a classic example of how treatment with dental implants can differ between each individual.

In the first case of the day we had a patient requiring a full upper arch of implants to replace all of his missing teeth in the upper arch. This case also required significant bone grafting to repair the bone defects present in the upper arch. The overall procedure took over 2 hours to complete. A case like this would be classified as a complex case which should only be performed by an experienced surgical team and with careful planning.

The second case of the day was for a single dental implant to replace an upper premolar tooth which had already been missing. This case require no bone grafting due to the patient already having a healthy bone structure in this region of his mouth. The case took approximately 30 minutes as expected in a less advanced case such as this.

In the third case of the day we treated a patient for an implant to replace an upper molar tooth. On paper, this sounds like a very similar case to the previous case above. However, in this case we had very little bone and a large sinus which meant that the patient required a sinus lifting procedure and significant bone grafting. This was performed in a procedure that was again classified as a complex case and required extremely careful planning by myself and our surgical team. The case took approximately 90 minutes in this case, as expected.

The 3 cases that we treated yesterday had all required a bespoke plan and careful surgery to ensure the success of the placement. Each case was extraordinarily different from each other with the only common denominator being that a dental implant was being placed into the mouth.

It is important for each case to be planned individually as one size does not fit all when considering surgical treatment with dental implants. This is why we take great pride on our bespoke treatment planning and reports for every single patient that has a consultation at our clinic.

Bespoke dental report
Bespoke dental report

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