A full arch reconstruction and a practice reconstruction…

Posted on 13th July 2019

We take great pride in providing a wide range of dental care to all of our patients. With such a multi-skilled team we are able to offer everything in-house. We discussed implant retained dentures last week and in particular, how much of a difference this treatment solution can make to individuals who suffer with loose dentures. This week I will discuss another form of full arch treatment, the fixed full arch teeth solution which is non-removable.

This is an alternative solution to the implant retained denture and the closest match to a good set of natural healthy teeth. Maximum function and aesthetics can be achieved using this option. In most cases we provide 6 dental implants per arch to provide our patients with 12 teeth that are screwed onto the 6 supporting implants to provide a stable, strong and aesthetic solution. In some cases we may use less implants per arch (5 or 4) depending on the patient’s anatomy and the size of the mouth.

Full arch dental implantsfull arch fixed dental implants osseointegrated dental implants, full arch in Leeds

The final teeth are designed even before any dental implants are placed in the mouth. This enables us to agree the final smile design with the patient before any treatment has even commenced. Once we have agreed this, we can predictably place the dental implants in exactly the right positions to achieve the smile that has been specifically designed for that case. This approach means that we can consistently achieve the patient’s desired results and that the final teeth will have the best chance of long term stability.

We can provide our patients with an immediate set of temporary teeth from day 1 – this is sometimes referred to as ‘same-day-smile’ and it means that even though the treatment can take 6-9 months to fully complete, our patients are with replacement teeth from the very first day. These replacement teeth can be made to screw onto the dental implants so that the patient has stable replacement teeth that can maintain confidence, even though they are temporary they function almost as well as real teeth.

The final outcome is the result of precision dentistry providing at the highest level. The teeth are individually contoured to mimic the patient’s own natural gum contours. We say this a lot when referring to this treatment however, this truly is life changing and, along with implant retained dentures (previous blog), these are the most life changing dental procedures that we provide in dentistry. Regardless of how many times we have provided this treatment, we are still in awe of the positive effects this has on our patients following completion of their treatment.

The practice construction

By way of a brief update, it has been 2 weeks since the work on our practice improvements has begun. You can read about our project in our blog from 2 weeks ago by clicking this link. The property that is joined to ours was a functioning house 2 weeks ago and now it forms the shell of what will be part of our dental practice. We continue to work in the existing dental practice as this side of the practice is unaffected by the ongoing work. The adjoining wall has been taken down along with other walls to create open spaces. We are building an education centre for providing dental professional with courses and training and this space has also been created. The diggers haven’t yet started on the exterior however, this is due to start in 2 more weeks. The property does not look like a house at all anymore and that feeling of excitement is growing amongst our team and patients alike!

pre-work house
pre-work house
pre-work house
Wall removed to provide a large space for our education centre and presentation room

Thank you for reading, Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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