A great way to improve self esteem, a fantastic outcome following Dental Implant treatment

Posted on 2nd July 2017

Missing teeth, confidence and dental implants

When this patient attended our clinic, she had failing teeth which were very loose and they had poor prognosis. I find that so many patients end up living with these difficult problems much longer than they should because they are unaware of a better solution or are not able to have Dental Implant treatment at their own dentist’s practice. When we had informed this patient that her teeth should be removed, she was more than aware of this however, she preferred to ‘hang on’ to these as the thought of wearing a removable denture was not a satisfactory solution for her.

She wanted something secure and permanent like her natural teeth and also to appear like her natural teeth.

The picture above shows how the patient presented to our clinic. The spaces in between her teeth appeared over the last 5 years due to the gradual deterioration of her gum health (periodontal health). The result of this was that her front teeth became more loose and the appearance of these teeth made it difficult for the patient to laugh and smile. The effect that this was having on her life was significant and, as we find with many of our patients, she found ways to subconsciously hide these problems by smiling less and covering her mouth when in front of other people.

The solution we proposed was to remove the 4 failing front incisors and stabilise the gum health to ensure the longevity of all of her other remaining teeth. We wanted to whiten the rest of her teeth and replace the front 4 teeth with fixed permanent teeth (Dental Implants).

The treatment journey – starting with a plan

Before we started the treatment, we had designed the final teeth on a model to ensure that we had a clear aim and objective that the patient was happy with. The failing 4 teeth were then removed using a gentle atraumatic technique.

Following the removal of these teeth, we were able to fit temporary teeth to fill the space which were also a massive improvement from her own natural teeth. The implants were allowed to heal for 3 months prior to the final teeth being fitted and during this time, the patient continued to wear the temporary teeth and also whiten her remaining teeth.

After the fit on the final teeth, the transformation for this patient was remarkable. Her persona and confidence had changed so much. The patient was kind enough to leave the following review on the NHS Choices Reviews website:

“I hated to smile or have my photo taken, now thanks to the wonderful work done by the dentists, replacing my horrible front teeth with two implants I feel normal again and I am no longer afraid to smile or to have my photo taken. I would not only like to thank the dentists, but to all the team at Infinity for the extremely friendly and efficient way they all looked after me.
I would recommend anyone thinking about having implants to go ahead, it is certainly the best choice I ever made.” – Review submitted on June 18th, 2017

We are very proud to be able to provide such life changing treatments to our patients. This treatment was provided by myself, Dr Hannah Wilson, our clinical nursing team, our implant coordinator Jasmin Wigglesworth and our technical team led by Stephen Green. The overall contribution from every member of our team resulted in a beautiful and healthy outcome for our patient. We thoroughly enjoy our job because it is more than just a job for us all, it is a profession that we are truly passionate about.

Thank you for reading.

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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