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Posted on 23rd August 2020

Dental problems can accumulate over time before they become a huge burden on someone’s quality of life. We often see patients who are at the end of an accumulation of problems that has resulted in a hugely negative effect on them. Teeth that are loose, failing and missing can result in someone losing their confidence in smiling, eating and even speaking.

Failing teeth (Loose and few remaining)

We encourage patients who have these problems to come to see us so that we can explore every option available to them. When all of the teeth are failing it is often best to replace them all with a dental implant supported prostheses. The biggest challenge for these patients is the prospect of having to undergo treatment that could take 6 months to complete. Does this mean no teeth for 6 months? Does this mean I will be in a worse situation for the next 3-6 months before things get better? These are the most common questions I hear when patient’s are in this situation.

It is true that the treatment takes 3-6 months to complete on average when planning a large extensive full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants. At our clinic we are able to provide the majority of the treatment on the first day to enable our patients to have fixed replacement teeth straight away. Even though it takes approximately 3-6 months for the mouth and implants to be ready for the ‘final’ teeth, we can actually fit a fixed set of teeth from day 1 which will allow our patients to function as normally as possible straight away. This will immeidately improve their smile appearance, their function and the confidence that they have in their smile.

By providing our patients with this option we can eliminate the anxiety associated with the prospect of having to spend 6 months with no teeth or a loose denture. Many patients may still choose to stage their treatment over a longer period of time and accept missing teeth or a removable denture during the treatment phase of 3-6months. However, for those patients who want an immediate solution from day 1 this is a truly life changing option. They can transform their life straight away and this enables them to enjoy the benefits of fixed replacement teeth from the very first day.

These teeth are made and fitted in-house at our clinic on day 1 – immediately following removal of the failing teeth which is also done on the same day.
This is the patient’s ‘temporary’ immediate smile – achieved on the first day of the treatment. Not bad for a ‘temporary’ smile?

The ‘final’ teeth which are made from zirconia after 3-6 months

Our team consists of a highly skilled surgical team, dental technicians, nurses and treatment coordinators to be able to achieve all of this in one day for our patients. It is incredible to be able to provide this level of care for our patients because it means they can go back to an improved normal life very soon after the procedure!

Our patients having this treatment attend our clinic for the full day and it is incredible to see the transformation by the time they are ready to leave the dental chair.

Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

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