A little about Infinity Dental Clinic

Posted on 7th January 2023

Infinity Dental Clinic is more than just a dental practice.

Infinity Dental Clinic is an independantly run dental practice that started in 2016. The practice has actually been situated in Leeds for over 60 years. We took over the running of the practice in 2016 and have strived to develop our practice to become a leader in providing the highest standard of dentistry.

We pride ourselves in striving for excellence so that we can continue to provide our patients with the highest standards in dental care.

Each member of our team is dedicated to providing our patients with the best dental care that is possible. We truly believe that we can make a difference to our patient’s lives and that is why so many patients travel great distances to come and see us. We treat each patient as an individual and for this reason, no two smiles we create are ever the same. Our team are dedicated to making patients feel comfortable and relaxed. We know that dentistry can be intimidating for many people and our team are committed to making everyone feel welcome and relaxed.

We never use stock images showing ‘models’ with ‘perfect’ teeth or before and after images. Wondering what a stock image is? A stock image is a photo taken from a library but at Infinity Dental Clinic, all of our images are made by our team. We have created thousands of smiles and this is why you will see our smiles on our patients on our website and social media etc.

We have a team of 24 committed and passionate dental professionals and continue to work hard and strive for excellence so that you can continue to recieve the highest standards in dentistry.

By way of introduction, here are the names of the individuals that make up the great team at Infinity Dental Clinic:

Dentists – Mohsin Patel, Hannah Wilson, James David, Vinay Mistry, Roma McNeil

Dental Hygienists – Melanie Joyce, Claire Jennings

Dental Nurses – Helen Dunlop, Shelly Milner, Lauren Holmes, Yvonne Foy, Victoria Brzeniska, Chloe Atta, Hafsa Lone, Shameem Bi, Natalie Condliffe, Alina Cojocaru, Katie Varley

Treatment Coordinators – Estelle Wheelhouse, Katie McEvoy, Gabriella Hamill, Jessica Stott, Abbie Lumb, 

Operations Manager – Jasmin Wigglesworth


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